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    AutismVoices is a mobile software app which provides a way to easily capture and record daily events as they occur wherever you happen to be. We understand parents of children with Autism can have some of the most emotional, physically trying days and being able to write down and save information on behaviors for later can often be overlooked.   

    AutismVoices makes it easy to capture events and moments.

    All data collected is anonymous, encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. Your individual reports are available only to you. Data used for reporting metrics and analytics, i.e.: Gender, Age, Symptoms, etc. does not and will not include any personally identifiable information. 

    About AutismVoices

    Easy to Use

    AutismVoices lets you contribute information about your daily experiences on a mobile device using a simple and easy to use interface. You can enter as much or as little as you want. The questions are designed to make it easy and quick to capture what's happening on a day to day basis. 

    Summary Reporting

    Information entered can be easily turned into a report which you can share with a clinician, therapist, school or others as needed. Imagine at the next appointment when you are asked, “how has your child done over the past few weeks”, you’ll now have a summary available to present instead of trying to remember all that has occurred. 

    Advanced Analytics

    Information entered will be compiled along with other parents’ answers to provide comparisons and trending by using machine learning algorithms to analyze all the information. 

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